About Us
Founded by two sisters, Dana-Maxx and Morgan, Moodful was created with the goal to launch a user-friendly vision and mood board app with community in mind.

Since the age of 15, Dana-Maxx has been creating vision and mood boards to achieve her dream life. By her late 30’s, and with the help of her vision boards, Dana-Maxx reinvented herself and became a certified happiness coach and the creator of the now global Instagram platform The Be Happy Project. Today The Be Happy Project has a community of over 700,000 people and reaches over 7 million people every month!
In 2020, Dana-Maxx was searching for an intuitive app to make vision and mood boards while on the go but was unable to find one that met all of her needs. With Morgan's background in technology, and Dana-Maxx's background in fashion and wellness, Moodful was born.
We hope you enjoy this app as much as we do! Remember, your story starts with you. ✨