The Ultimate Vision
and Mood Board App

Moodful is a vision and mood board app with community in mind. Whether you’re a novice or newbie, Moodful is packed with features to support you on your path to being your best self and living the life you want.

Research shows that there are many benefits to creating vision boards including boosting inner happiness, reducing stress, combating negativity, enhancing confidence, and fostering purpose. Similar to meditation, visualization is a mental exercise that is most effective when practiced regularly. Moodful will walk you through the tangible process of achieving your desired goals at your fingertips - all while you remain in the present moment.

From Moodful’s social community where you can share your boards with others and get inspired by your friends (feed is in chronological order!), to our Masterclass Workshops with renowned thought leaders and experts, there is so much to explore! Plus edit your boards offline while you’re on-the-go, print your boards to make them life-size, or share them on social media.

Try Moodful now with our free 7 day trial and see for yourself. Your story starts with you.